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Ability for RHACM to consume GCP WIF token


    • Observability Sprint 2023-05

      Value Statement

      jira epic: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/ACM-1483

      Acceptance Criteria

      Provide the required acceptance criteria using this template.

      Definition of Done for Engineering Story Owner (Checklist)

      Development Complete

      •  Code is complete.
      •  Functionality is working.
      •  Any required downstream Docker file changes are made.

      Tests Automated

      •  Unit/function tests have been automated and incorporated into build.
      •  100% automated unit/function test coverage for new or changed APIs.

      Secure Design

      •  Security has been assessed and incorporated into your threat model.

      Multidisciplinary Teams Readiness

      •  Create an informative documentation issue using the Customer Portal_doc_issue template, and ensure doc acceptance criteria is met. Link the development issue to the doc issue.
      •  Provide input to the QE team, and ensure QE acceptance criteria (established between story owner and QE focal) is met.

      Support Readiness

      •  The must-gather script has been updated.

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