Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 3.5.1.Final - Text format


  • [RESTEASY-1841] - Create code example to show how to inject JSON format data into @MultipartForm parameter correctly
  • [RESTEASY-1842] - Create document to show how to inject JSON format data into @MultipartForm parameter correctly


  • [RESTEASY-798] - RestEasy takes into account (interface) methods without annotations
  • [RESTEASY-1340] - Proxy creation fails on JDK1.9 (jigsaw)
  • [RESTEASY-1537] - Client proxy framework clears previously set Content-Language header when setting POST message body entity
  • [RESTEASY-1714] - Enable JSON-B binding provider by default
  • [RESTEASY-1769] - Caused by: UT010029: Stream is closed
  • [RESTEASY-1793] - SseBroadcasterImpl does not follow the javadoc requirements
  • [RESTEASY-1816] - OnComplete callback registered via SseEventSource.register() is not called
  • [RESTEASY-1822] - Accept-patch header is missing in the response for the OPTIONS request
  • [RESTEASY-1823] - Patch response codes not found, bad request, conflict are not propagated in the response
  • [RESTEASY-1824] - NullPointer exception in ResteasyWadlWriter
  • [RESTEASY-1826] - RESTEasy returns wrong error message if JSON-B provider receive corrupted json data
  • [RESTEASY-1827] - JSON-B provider requires to add JSON-P dependency on client side
  • [RESTEASY-1831] - SseEventSource doens't take retry-after from 503 response and reconnectDelay from inboundEvent as one time setting value
  • [RESTEASY-1833] - SseEventSource keeps reconnecting when event sink is gracefully closed
  • [RESTEASY-1840] - Sync surefire version in whole TS, extract versions to common version dependencies pom
  • [RESTEASY-1843] - Don't build JARs for JAX-RS 2.0 backward compatibility mode in separate maven build
  • [RESTEASY-1844] - RESTEasy doesn't compile on JDK 10
  • [RESTEASY-1846] - ResteasyServletInitializer.register(appClass) doesnt handle paths ending in wildcards (/*)
  • [RESTEASY-1851] - Add jsonp provider for JsonString and JsonNumber


  • [RESTEASY-1810] - Use Map.entrySet instead of iterating keySet and getting value later
  • [RESTEASY-1815] - Prepare tests for SSE integration
  • [RESTEASY-1820] - Prepare tests for PATCH integration
  • [RESTEASY-1829] - Document how to run JsonBindingTest and JsonBindingAnnotationsJacksonTest
  • [RESTEASY-1834] - Fix distribution for WildFly 12
  • [RESTEASY-1858] - Run tests by default with Wildfly 12.0.0.Final

Component Upgrade


  • [RESTEASY-1837] - Counting server.log messages gives false positive test failure.

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