Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 3.1.3.Final - Text format

Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-1655] - Allow RESTEasy Spring Boot starter to provide a custom async dispatcher


  • [RESTEASY-1138] - Stream prematurely closed by finalizer
  • [RESTEASY-1227] - MediaType set incorrectly in SegmentNode when multiple media types are offered.
  • [RESTEASY-1238] - Intermittent UT010029: Stream is closed in Java EE 7 using provided undertow, resteasy, and jackson
  • [RESTEASY-1422] - resteasy-html's View ignores Response headers and cookies
  • [RESTEASY-1490] - RESTEASY1323Test intermittent failures
  • [RESTEASY-1532] - UnhandledException throw from SynchronousDispatcher writeException not goto ExceptionMapper
  • [RESTEASY-1596] - Memory leak do to jdk File.deleteOnExit in DataSourceProvider
  • [RESTEASY-1597] - Memory leak due to File.deleteOnExit in ApacheHttpClient4Engine
  • [RESTEASY-1640] - Media type lacks charset warning logged when it shouldn't be
  • [RESTEASY-1641] - Base64 class uses printStackTrace method
  • [RESTEASY-1645] - Old RESTEasy client gives out of memory error, if consuming a huge data via POST
  • [RESTEASY-1650] - Wrapping outputstreams set in interceptors are not closed
  • [RESTEASY-1653] - PathParamInjector handles multiple PathSegments incorrectly


  • [RESTEASY-1430] - Unable to find a MessageBodyReader of content-type application/xml
  • [RESTEASY-1630] - Provide resteasy-servlet-initializer tests
  • [RESTEASY-1634] - Fix wrong version references in docbook
  • [RESTEASY-1636] - Deprecate multiple RESTEasy security modules
  • [RESTEASY-1637] - Running testsuite with security manager
  • [RESTEASY-1639] - Test - exclude jaxrs subsystem from the deployment
  • [RESTEASY-1646] - Revisit documentation on Maven integration
  • [RESTEASY-1651] - Enhance UndertowTest and HeadersInViewResponseTest


  • [RESTEASY-1464] - Temporary files are not deleted when using FileProvider

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