Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 3.0.15.Final - HTML format


  • [RESTEASY-1044] - ConcurrentModificationException on InterceptorRegistry
  • [RESTEASY-1083] - Client side DynamicFeature instances always register as server side
  • [RESTEASY-1139] - Another ConcurrentModificationException on parallel deployments in InterceptorRegistry
  • [RESTEASY-1141] - @FormParam does not work with PUT method when a Query param is present
  • [RESTEASY-1165] - TestBeanValidationIntegrationSmoke test should always catch error of validation
  • [RESTEASY-1208] - async-tests failed by default
  • [RESTEASY-1249] - If RoleBased authorization fails the response returned doesn't contain a body text
  • [RESTEASY-1260] - org.jboss.resteasy.util.GenericType should be deprecated
  • [RESTEASY-1264] - RESTEasy + WELD + HibernateValidator - ConstraintViolations always reported as MIME "text/plain".
  • [RESTEASY-1272] - InternalDispatcher forwards requests with wrong UriInfo on EAP
  • [RESTEASY-1273] - URLConnectionEngine can not create error stream on client
  • [RESTEASY-1280] - ClientErrorBadMediaTypeTest shouldn't ignore configuration errors
  • [RESTEASY-1294] - Fix ordering comparisons in JaxrsInterceptorRegistry
  • [RESTEASY-1296] - Field constraints are not validated if resource is an EJB
  • [RESTEASY-1298] - TestResourceWithGetterViolation and TestGetterReturnValueNotValidated fails with validation error



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