Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.40.1.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-9330] - ARM Support for Data Index and Jobs Services extensions

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-9180] - kogito-swf-builder arm build
  • [KOGITO-9398] - ARM based image for kogito-data-index-ephemeral


  • [KOGITO-8395] - Missing guide how to deploy on OpenShift Serverless
  • [KOGITO-9401] - Dev services not working in ARM mac machine
  • [KOGITO-9469] - `kogito-base-builder` is still needed by web tools


  • [KOGITO-9077] - [KSW-Operator] Create the cekit image descriptor for SWF builder image
  • [KOGITO-9078] - [KSW-Operator] Create the cekit image descriptor for Operator image
  • [KOGITO-9292] - Set log level to ERROR when using jobs-service-embedded addon
  • [KOGITO-9343] - Update the swf devmode image to handle arm data-index and jobs-service addons
  • [KOGITO-9416] - Review productized modules
  • [KOGITO-9448] - Reorganize SonataFlow Guides TOC
  • [KOGITO-9450] - Fix behave test for the kogito-data-index-oracle image


  • [KOGITO-9316] - No postgres binaries found for architecture: arm_64

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