Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.43.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-9611] - Track user in events
  • [KOGITO-9613] - Allow PostgreSQL persistence for process instance state when using SW executor


  • [KOGITO-9483] - [Community tracker][SDK-GO] JSON or as a YAML file: workflow.states must be int32
  • [KOGITO-9614] - Hot reload doesn't work for workflows that use AsyncAPI
  • [KOGITO-9653] - [SonataFlow Operator] Duplicated replicasets on dev profile
  • [KOGITO-9692] - CI: Release: Wrong tag is taken for Cloud repositories
  • [KOGITO-9702] - [Operator] SonataFlow resources are not being added to container-builder build process


  • [KOGITO-7796] - Setup and/or enhance the Kogito CI bot


  • [KOGITO-8276] - Improve the logging adding missing levels
  • [KOGITO-8435] - Remove `persistence` profile in features using the `process-postgresql-persistence-*` examples
  • [KOGITO-8497] - update-quarkus-version: Add JIRA issue possibility as parameter
  • [KOGITO-9321] - Testing Operator using Order SWF example
  • [KOGITO-9453] - Rename Kogito Serverless Workflow Guides to SonataFlow Docs
  • [KOGITO-9460] - Create a new guide describing the workflow CLI
  • [KOGITO-9524] - Review Operator Installation guide to include OperatorHub
  • [KOGITO-9603] - Create new endpoints to retrieve workflows and schema
  • [KOGITO-9665] - Deffer the injection of Processes in the Process Management Addon
  • [KOGITO-9671] - Release jobs should not use the bot account anymore to create PRs
  • [KOGITO-9679] - Add the workflow-timeout SW to the timeouts-showcase UIs
  • [KOGITO-9683] - [Operator] Review installation guide to use OperatorHub


  • [KOGITO-8115] - Pipelines: Deploy jobs should deploy locally and then push to Nexus
  • [KOGITO-8785] - [KSW-Operator] Review the reconciliation flow to follow the new conditions API refactoring
  • [KOGITO-8794] - [KSW-Operator] Handle deployment failures in prod profile
  • [KOGITO-9158] - Use RestWorkItemHandler as HTTP client in Knative custom function
  • [KOGITO-9218] - [Operator] Review Platform Conditions
  • [KOGITO-9605] - Change Knative Function tests so it can work with more than one KubernetesServiceCatalog implementation
  • [KOGITO-9643] - Align kogito-example dependencies with runtimes
  • [KOGITO-9654] - Include kogito-addons-quarkus-process-management in kogito-swf-devmode-image
  • [KOGITO-9676] - Release promote should call `setup-branch` job to update to the next snapshot

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