Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.42.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-9606] - [Doc Review] `spec.platform.baseImage` does not update the Dockerfile base image
  • [KOGITO-9607] - [Doc Review] Review Dev UI extension guide
  • [KOGITO-9620] - [Doc Review] Create a new guide describing the Job Services Quarkus Extensions

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-9555] - Add generic endpoint for execution and uploading of process definitions


  • [KOGITO-9415] - Hot reload not working as expected
  • [KOGITO-9480] - Accessing the root path does not redirect to `index.html`
  • [KOGITO-9525] - Swagger documentation is not properly generated if description is null
  • [KOGITO-9549] - process-usertasks-springboot-with-console fails to use local Docker image
  • [KOGITO-9564] - NoSuchMethodException: com.networknt.schema.TypeValidator when running in native mode
  • [KOGITO-9584] - Composed JSON Schema does not generate proper swagger documentation
  • [KOGITO-9633] - tzdb.dat (No such file or directory)
  • [KOGITO-9655] - order-processing event-listener E2E test is not runnable on the arm64 architecture


  • [KOGITO-9460] - Create a new guide describing the workflow CLI
  • [KOGITO-9463] - Create a new guide describing the Job Services Quarkus Extensions
  • [KOGITO-9465] - Fix behave test for the kogito-s2i-builder image
  • [KOGITO-9471] - Adjust SonataFlow Operator Release to publish other modules
  • [KOGITO-9490] - Testing CLI + Operator using serverless-workflow-parallel-execution
  • [KOGITO-9497] - [SWF Dev UI] Retrieve workflows' data input schema from the POST schema


  • [KOGITO-9434] - Python modules should not be compiled by default
  • [KOGITO-9488] - Images CI: One status per image built
  • [KOGITO-9523] - KogitoDevServiceTest fails during release build as image is not available yet
  • [KOGITO-9567] - Align versions
  • [KOGITO-9568] - Remove dmn from kogito-apps and kogito-runtimes if possible
  • [KOGITO-9616] - Improve cloud release notes page

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