Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.39.0.Final - HTML format


  • [KOGITO-9162] - [Doc review] [KSW-Guides] Deploying on OpenShift Clusters
  • [KOGITO-9206] - [Doc Review] [KSW-Operator] Review the Workflow CRD API

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-8848] - [SW] Allow users to send a custom CloudEvent ID in Knative custom functions


  • [KOGITO-9099] - [SW][COMMUNITY_TRACKER] Empty fields Marshaled as "field":null
  • [KOGITO-9112] - Deadline functionaliy broken
  • [KOGITO-9149] - Knative pluing does not support arrays as response


  • [KOGITO-8770] - [SPIKE] [SW] Reassess the Kubernetes/Knative discovery and internal catalog to keep them independent
  • [KOGITO-9058] - [KSW-Operator] Fix the Kogito SWF builder image in order to use the Quarkus + Kogito bom
  • [KOGITO-9080] - Quarkus 3 checks should become only nightlies with branch update
  • [KOGITO-9107] - Merge container-builder and operator repositories in a monorepo
  • [KOGITO-9129] - Bump Container builder Podman dependency to 4.4.2
  • [KOGITO-9130] - Bump Container builder deps
  • [KOGITO-9140] - Remove buildah module from container-builder
  • [KOGITO-9284] - Kogito documentation updates for 1.39


  • [KOGITO-6583] - Improve handling of Enum data types
  • [KOGITO-8452] - [SW] Update Serverless Operator to use CNCF go-sdk model
  • [KOGITO-9072] - Quarkus 3: Remove version change from patch
  • [KOGITO-9082] - [KSW-Operator] Review the Workflow CRD API
  • [KOGITO-9138] - Split SWF Builder image into builder and devmode
  • [KOGITO-9147] - Make Java service infrastructure for embedded executor easier to extends

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