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Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-5962] - Job Service Messaging API for Jobs Scheduling
  • [KOGITO-6131] - Enable codegen when RESTEasy reactive is used
  • [KOGITO-6418] - Data merging and filtering for event states



  • [KOGITO-5467] - Error while marshalling process instance (multiple instance ArrayList)
  • [KOGITO-6360] - event information in callback state overrides the SW data instead for merging
  • [KOGITO-6401] - Failed to parse JsonPath expression in function arguments
  • [KOGITO-6430] - REST WIH fails in native mode for primitive types and body builder
  • [KOGITO-6444] - JQ Expression does not work when packaging as Natively executable binary
  • [KOGITO-6448] - Postgresql persistence generates Timeout in SW workflow
  • [KOGITO-6457] - OpenAPI codegen fails when spec is invalid
  • [KOGITO-6470] - Consoles examples fail to login into Keycloack
  • [KOGITO-6483] - Broken links in kogito-build/
  • [KOGITO-6485] - User Task - serialisation error
  • [KOGITO-6488] - Review Serverless Workflow examples
  • [KOGITO-6489] - Stop using vertx-kafka-client:4.2.2 dependency that comes from Quarkus and is incompatible with Kafka 3
  • [KOGITO-6490] - kogito-addons-quarkus-tracing-decision: LocalDate* are on available in the ObjectMapper
  • [KOGITO-6491] - [OpenAPI Gen] Can not package on Windows10
  • [KOGITO-6493] - kogito-runtimes fails to build using mvnw
  • [KOGITO-6499] - Resolve correct version in management console web app
  • [KOGITO-6511] - Review flaky ProcessDataIndexPostgreSqlIT test
  • [KOGITO-6563] - Using Same OpenAPI Function definition in multiple Workflows throws compile error
  • [KOGITO-6570] - Hot Reload breaks quarkus dev ui when BPMN is updated


  • [KOGITO-3767] - Kogito process Saga example
  • [KOGITO-6187] - Expose process instance metadata as in the result DataContext
  • [KOGITO-6308] - Saga example with Serverless Workflow
  • [KOGITO-6398] - Kogito Maven jobs: remove the maven download output
  • [KOGITO-6503] - Update Images tests with new paths from kogito-examples
  • [KOGITO-6504] - BDD tests: Update tests with new paths from kogito-examples


  • [KOGITO-3917] - [SW] Implement state data filtering on Workflow Definitions
  • [KOGITO-5094] - Pending changes on KafkaEventConsumer
  • [KOGITO-6411] - Use ServiceLoader for ExpressionHandler implementations
  • [KOGITO-6413] - Review Quarkus extensions module structure
  • [KOGITO-6423] - Add basic capability to execute SW example using persistence
  • [KOGITO-6477] - Setup Kogito Knative Operator Project
  • [KOGITO-6507] - Add example of Serverless Workflow consuming events over quarkus-http connector
  • [KOGITO-6510] - Alter the serverless-workflow-callback-quarkus example to not use KafkaTestClient in the compile scope
  • [KOGITO-6543] - Improve the Serverless Workflow documentation
  • [KOGITO-6595] - Document KogitoProcessContext usage for Service Tasks

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