Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.7.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3951] - Connection failure after snapshot wasn't executed for a while
  • [DBZ-3977] - Oracle-Connector fails parsing a DDL statement
  • [DBZ-4010] - Oracle connector fails after error ORA-01327
  • [DBZ-4013] - Incorrect incremental snapshot DDL triggers snapshot that generates unending* inserts against signalling table
  • [DBZ-4017] - Oracle-Connector fails parsing a DDL statement (truncate partition)


  • [DBZ-4007] - Remove `GRANT ALTER ANY TABLE` from Oracle documentation
  • [DBZ-4009] - Update deploy action configuration for v3
  • [DBZ-4011] - Website preview via
  • [DBZ-4023] - Automate contributor check in COPYRIGHT.txt


  • [DBZ-3577] - Support read-only MySQL connection in incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-3603] - Provide an example of usage of
  • [DBZ-3887] - Throughput Bottleneck and Inefficient Batching in ChangeEventQueue
  • [DBZ-4015] - Performance Bottleneck in TableIdParser String Replacement

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