Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.6.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-3523] - Fix exception on not found table
  • [DBZ-3593] - Transaction commit event dispatch fails if no active transaction in progress.
  • [DBZ-3597] - Additional unique index referencing columns not exposed by CDC causes exception
  • [DBZ-3610] - GRANT/REVOKE for roles is not working
  • [DBZ-3612] - ParsingException for ALTER TABLE against a table that is unknown to the connector.
  • [DBZ-3616] - Oracle connector continually logging warnings about already processed transactions.
  • [DBZ-3618] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown while handling UTF-8 characters
  • [DBZ-3631] - Oracle transaction reconciliation fails to lookup primary key columns if UPDATE sets columns to only NULL
  • [DBZ-3641] - Oracle DDL parser fails on CREATE TABLE: mismatched input 'maxtrans' expecting {'AS', ';'}
  • [DBZ-3646] - Antlr version mismatch
  • [DBZ-3648] - SQL Agent does not start in SqlServer image when deployed to openshift
  • [DBZ-3659] - Java UBI image is lacking gzip utility


  • [DBZ-3275] - Vitess: rename "master" branch to "main"
  • [DBZ-3518] - Formatting updates to correct errors in documentation builds
  • [DBZ-3602] - Upgrade to Quarkus 2.0.0.Final
  • [DBZ-3637] - Handle updated json schema for connector passwords
  • [DBZ-3645] - Change CLOB/BLOB data type support to an opt-in feature
  • [DBZ-3651] - Denote BLOB support as incubating


  • [DBZ-2697] - Implement SKIPPED_OPERATIONS for SQLServer
  • [DBZ-3566] - Prepare test-suite for Kafka on RHEL
  • [DBZ-3615] - Handling database connection timeout during schema recovery
  • [DBZ-3625] - Some dependencies are broken in ocp testsuite after BOM introduction
  • [DBZ-3634] - Scope mined DDL events to include/exclude lists if provided
  • [DBZ-3638] - MySQL SourceInfo should be public
  • [DBZ-3639] - Support heartbeats during periods of low change event activity

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