Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-2959] - Retry on "The server failed to resume the transaction"


  • [DBZ-2499] - Debezium Connectors are failing while reading binlog: Unknown event type 100
  • [DBZ-2698] - Some column default values are not extracted correctly while reading table structure
  • [DBZ-2711] - Supplemental logging is required for entire database rather than per monitored table
  • [DBZ-2733] - datatype conversion failure for numeric primarykey columns
  • [DBZ-2855] - Missing log file error when current SCN differs from snapshotted in Oracle connector and Logminer
  • [DBZ-2861] - GitHub action for "Build Testing Workflow" is using old artifacts and not building missing dependencies
  • [DBZ-2891] - Deadlock in the XStream handler and offset commiter call concurrently
  • [DBZ-2906] - Sanitise DECIMAL string from VStream
  • [DBZ-2907] - Vitess Connector download link missing on website
  • [DBZ-2920] - DML statements longer than 4000 characters are incorrectly combined from V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS
  • [DBZ-2921] - Default database charset is not recorded
  • [DBZ-2938] - Instable test: PostgresConnectorIT#testCustomSnapshotterSnapshotCompleteLifecycleHook()
  • [DBZ-2949] - Snapshot causes ORA-08181 exception
  • [DBZ-2952] - Postgres connector config validation fails because current connector is occupying replication slot
  • [DBZ-2972] - Labeled create procedure's body is not parsed
  • [DBZ-2981] - Debezium swallows DML exception in certain cases


  • [DBZ-575] - Migrate website build to Hugo
  • [DBZ-2174] - Test binary/varbinary datatypes
  • [DBZ-2518] - Implement Scn as a domain type
  • [DBZ-2572] - Fix docs for message.key.columns and skipped.operations
  • [DBZ-2630] - Upgrade to Apache Kafka Connect 2.6.1
  • [DBZ-2764] - Centralize postgres image name for test container tests
  • [DBZ-2807] - Add missing connector options for Postgres connector
  • [DBZ-2868] - Importing TestDatabase as QuarkusTestResource for IT tests
  • [DBZ-2915] - Set up Pulsar via Testcontainers in PulsarIT
  • [DBZ-2918] - Remove blacklist and whitelist from anchor link text in documentation
  • [DBZ-2923] - Instable test: PostgresShutdownIT#shouldStopOnPostgresFastShutdown()
  • [DBZ-2925] - Rename whitelist/blacklist configs in examples to include/exclude
  • [DBZ-2940] - Misspelling in readme for db2 connector
  • [DBZ-2945] - Fetch correct Apicurio version for ApicurioRegistryTest
  • [DBZ-2958] - Incorrect link IDs in SQL Server connector snapshot metrics table


  • [DBZ-2675] - Clarify information in Debezium connector for SQL Server doc
  • [DBZ-2912] - Add support for binary.handling.mode to the SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-2922] - Use collation to get charset when charset is not set
  • [DBZ-2980] - Additional logging for number and type of sql operations

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