Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.2.0.CR2 - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [DBZ-1995] - Database history pass-through config section is missing
  • [DBZ-2117] - Encountered error when snapshotting collection type column
  • [DBZ-2201] - Missing dependencies for Debezium Server Pulsar sink
  • [DBZ-2212] - Debezium server distro has been moved
  • [DBZ-2216] - Adapt to changed TX representation in oplog in Mongo 4.2
  • [DBZ-2228] - Intermittent test failure -- Multiple admin clients with same id


  • [DBZ-1812] - General test harness for End-2-End Benchmarking
  • [DBZ-1916] - Add tests for datatype.propagate.source.type for all connectors
  • [DBZ-2029] - [Doc] Add Debezium Architecture to downstream documentation
  • [DBZ-2176] - Tests Asserting No Open Transactions Failing
  • [DBZ-2177] - Inconsistent test failures
  • [DBZ-2192] - Add Jandex plugin to Debezium Server connectors
  • [DBZ-2194] - Ability to scale wait times in OCP test-suite
  • [DBZ-2195] - CI doesn't delete mongo and sql server projects on successful runs
  • [DBZ-2198] - Document database history and web server port for Debezium Server
  • [DBZ-2199] - Do not throw IndexOutOfBoundsException when no task configuration is available
  • [DBZ-2206] - Upgrade Apicurio to 1.2.2.Final
  • [DBZ-2207] - Intermitent test failures
  • [DBZ-2210] - Increase Pulsar Server timeouts
  • [DBZ-2214] - Drop distribution from Debezium Server artifact name


  • [DBZ-1835] - DB2 connector documentation ambiguous regarding licensing
  • [DBZ-2120] - Optimize SQLServer connector query
  • [DBZ-2163] - Documentation for implementing StreamNameMapper

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