Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.10.0.Beta4 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-607] - Implement a CDC connector for Apache Cassandra
  • [DBZ-1035] - Support "Exported Snapshots" feature for taking lockless snapshots with Postgres
  • [DBZ-1254] - Snapshot Order of tables
  • [DBZ-1395] - Add ability to insert fields from source struct in ExtractNewRecordState SMT


  • [DBZ-1411] - Debezium for MySQL fails on GRANT DELETE ON <table>
  • [DBZ-1414] - Debezium for MySQL tries to flush a table for a database not in the database whitelist
  • [DBZ-1417] - Table scan is performed anyway even if snapshot.mode is set to initial_schema_only
  • [DBZ-1430] - SMT ExtractNewDocumentState does not support Heartbeat events
  • [DBZ-1436] - Postgres connector does not honor `` configuration


  • [DBZ-393] - Issue with debezium embedded documentation
  • [DBZ-777] - Refactor Postgres connector to be based on new framework classes
  • [DBZ-1381] - Don't obtain new connection each time when getting xmin position
  • [DBZ-1385] - Unify handling of attributes in EventRouter SMT
  • [DBZ-1387] - DockerHub: show container specific README files
  • [DBZ-1424] - Remove unused dependencies from Cassandra connector
  • [DBZ-1432] - Simplify custom engine name parsing grammar

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