Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.9.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-763] - Upgrade MySQL JDBC driver to version 8.0.x
  • [DBZ-764] - Upgrade MySQL binlog connector

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-633] - Support white/black-listing Mongo fields
  • [DBZ-866] - Postgres connector - add database, schema and table names to "source" section of records
  • [DBZ-881] - Support renaming Mongo fields
  • [DBZ-895] - use tcpKeepAlive by default
  • [DBZ-898] - Hstore support in Postgresql-connector
  • [DBZ-918] - Add connector type to source info


  • [DBZ-769] - Global read lock not release when exception raised during snapshot
  • [DBZ-784] - Abort loops in MongoPrimary#execute() if the connector is stopped
  • [DBZ-838] - Initial synchronization is not interrupted
  • [DBZ-853] - Kafka database history miscounting attempts even if there are more database history records to consume
  • [DBZ-859] - Schema_only snapshot on idle server - offsets not stored after snapshot
  • [DBZ-860] - DDL parsing in MySQL - default value of primary key is set to null
  • [DBZ-864] - Antlr DDL parser exception for "create database ... CHARSET=..."
  • [DBZ-865] - Error when MongoDB collection contains characters not compatible with kafka topic naming
  • [DBZ-869] - AlterTableParserListener does not remove column definition listeners
  • [DBZ-870] - MySQL parser does not recognize 0 as default value for date/time
  • [DBZ-872] - Antlr parser ignores table whitelist filter
  • [DBZ-877] - A new column might not be added with ALTER TABLE antlr parser
  • [DBZ-880] - MySQLConnectorTask always reports it has the required Binlog file from MySQL
  • [DBZ-887] - Execution of RecordsStreamProducer.closeConnections() is susceptible to race condition
  • [DBZ-890] - Watch-topic command in docker image uses unsupported parameter
  • [DBZ-894] - SQLServer should use only schema and table name in table naming
  • [DBZ-897] - Prevent resending of duplicate change events after restart
  • [DBZ-899] - PostgresConnection.initTypeRegistry() takes ~24 mins
  • [DBZ-901] - java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: Text '1970-01-01 00:00:00' in mysql ALTER
  • [DBZ-903] - org.antlr.v4.runtime.NoViableAltException on CREATE DEFINER=`web`@`%` PROCEDURE `...
  • [DBZ-904] - MySQL default port is wrong in tutorial link
  • [DBZ-907] - RecordsStreamProducer should report refresh of the schema due to different column count
  • [DBZ-908] - MongoDbConnector returns obsolete config values during validation
  • [DBZ-910] - Can't parse create definition on the mysql connector
  • [DBZ-911] - RecordsStreamProducer#columnValues() does not take into account unchanged TOASTed columns, refreshing table schemas unnecessarily
  • [DBZ-914] - Wrong type in timeout call for Central wait release
  • [DBZ-927] - Exception while parsing table schema with invalid default value for timestamp field
  • [DBZ-928] - Discard null fields in MongoDB event flattening SMT


  • [DBZ-817] - Create Travis CI build for debezium-incubator repository
  • [DBZ-819] - Cache prepared statements in JdbcConnection
  • [DBZ-858] - Upgrade to Kafka 2.0.0
  • [DBZ-873] - Upgrad SQL Server image to CU9 GDR2 release
  • [DBZ-874] - Speed-up Travis builds using parallel build
  • [DBZ-884] - Add version format check into the release pipeline
  • [DBZ-885] - Handle non-complete list of plugins
  • [DBZ-889] - Parametrize wait time for Maven central sync
  • [DBZ-891] - Assert non-empty release in release script
  • [DBZ-912] - Upgrade Postgres driver to 42.2.5


  • [DBZ-705] - Build Alpine Linux versions of the PostgreSQL containers
  • [DBZ-849] - Refactor methods to read MySQL sytem variables
  • [DBZ-854] - Correct param name for excludeColumns(String fullyQualifiedTableNames)
  • [DBZ-855] - Make BinlogReader#informAboutUnknownTableIfRequired() log with tableId
  • [DBZ-878] - MySQL identifier with dot or space could not be parsed
  • [DBZ-929] - Use postgres:10 instead of postgres:10.0 as base docker image
  • [DBZ-934] - Support temporary replication slots with Postgres >= 10

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