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Feature Request

  • [WFCORE-5027] - Security Realms should support specifying the charset and encoding for credentials.
  • [WFCORE-5145] - Elytron server-ssl-context allowed protocols
  • [WFCORE-5170] - Certificate Revocation Lists


  • [WFCORE-4008] - Unify "-server" option in windows standalone scripts (ps1, bat)
  • [WFCORE-4162] - Incorrect OperationContext.getCapabilityServiceName javadoc
  • [WFCORE-4214] - VaultPasswordsInCLITestCase fails with Elytron profile
  • [WFCORE-4221] - ReadConfigAsFeaturesStandaloneTestCase fails with Elytron profile
  • [WFCORE-4302] - SNI wildcard mappings match multiple level of subdomain
  • [WFCORE-4324] - CommandTimeoutHandlerTestCase.testComandExecutor random failure
  • [WFCORE-4827] - Errors Missing on Invalid Configuration
  • [WFCORE-5092] - Windows Service cannot be stopped when using custom JAVA_HOME path
  • [WFCORE-5185] - Update ProviderDefinition to use optimised service loading API
  • [WFCORE-5219] - OpenSSL tests should be running on JDK 11
  • [WFCORE-5239] - No suitable provider found for type 'PKCS11' on openjdk 11 when configuration is passed in provider-loader
  • [WFCORE-5243] - NullPointerException when invalid <permission> classes specified
  • [WFCORE-5272] - Setting jacc provider to Elytron throws exceptions
  • [WFCORE-5328] - Fix ExpressionResolutionTestCase that is failing on IBM JDK8
  • [WFCORE-5333] - fail with 89: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
  • [WFCORE-5334] - Deleting Configuration Data when Git connection is failed
  • [WFCORE-5337] - One new WARN being logged about security extension being deprecated
  • [WFCORE-5365] - cli-script option help text is missing a placeholder
  • [WFCORE-5367] - Duplicate resource error after removing a server group
  • [WFCORE-5370] - Metrics Subsystem(s) are not honoring user's role
  • [WFCORE-5372] - Use absolute path in permissions.xml in ControlledStateNotificationListener domain test
  • [WFCORE-5373] - RoleMappingRemove should fail if the resource being removed does not exist
  • [WFCORE-5382] - The same Additional Runtime Dependency can be added several times for a single resource definition
  • [WFCORE-5384] - RemoveManagementRealmTestCase tests intermittently fail
  • [WFCORE-5406] - For JDK 16+ server requires --add-opens to allow reflective access to JDK classes
  • [WFCORE-5407] - Dependency Tree Input Builder/check github action does not account for testbom
  • [WFCORE-5408] - Upgrade JBoss Classfilewriter to 1.2.5.Final
  • [WFCORE-5416] - Jgit incorrect reference in module
  • [WFCORE-5452] - Three elytron tests started to fail on JDK17
  • [WFCORE-5453] - Include add-opens and add-exports to Bootable JAR runtime manifest


  • [WFCORE-5033] - Move into it's own module
  • [WFCORE-5263] - Update all projects with a dependency on wildfly-elytron to use individual modules.
  • [WFCORE-5283] - Add tests to the Elytron subsystem for attributes that allow expressions
  • [WFCORE-5286] - Remove deprecated javax.api usage from modules
  • [WFCORE-5341] - Bump the Elytron subsystem model and schema version to 14
  • [WFCORE-5342] - Bump the kernel management API version to 17.0.0 and the xsd to 17.0
  • [WFCORE-5375] - Update all projects with a dependency on deprecated Elytron modules to no longer rely on deprecated classes
  • [WFCORE-5383] - Fix test failure in LdapTestCase that happens with¬†openjdk-
  • [WFCORE-5389] - Split JASPIC and JACC into their own modules
  • [WFCORE-5403] - Control mockserver dependencies from the testbom
  • [WFCORE-5405] - Move xom to testbom; update to 1.3.7
  • [WFCORE-5424] - Remoting requires wildfly security manager
  • [WFCORE-5427] - ClassCastException: org.wildfly.extension.elytron.LdapKeyStoreService incompatible with org.wildfly.extension.elytron.KeyStoreService while executing CLI command
  • [WFCORE-5429] - Require Java 8 as a minimum when executing the deploy lifecycle phase.
  • [WFCORE-5438] - For modular VMs include --add-exports=java.naming/com.sun.jndi.ldap=ALL-UNNAMED

Component Upgrade


  • [WFCORE-2925] - Separate heap settings in standalone.conf and domain.conf from rest of JAVA_OPTS
  • [WFCORE-5205] - Use Module.findServices() to load Security Providers
  • [WFCORE-5285] - Utilize org.wildfly.common.Assert for Null-Checks
  • [WFCORE-5410] - Enhance JDK17 testing support
  • [WFCORE-5417] - Upgrade galleon-plugins to 5.2.0.Alpha1
  • [WFCORE-5418] - Minimize modular JDK params needed

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