Release Notes - WildFly - Version 26.0.1.Final - HTML format


  • [WFLY-15932] - RemoteLocalCallProfileTestCase fails when the security manager is enabled
  • [WFLY-15933] - Failures in OidcWithDeploymentConfigTest on 26.x branch


  • [WFLY-15873] - Remove Elytron OIDC client dependencies from WildFly
  • [WFLY-15890] - Add documentation on multi-tenancy to the Elytron OpenID Connect Client subsystem documentation

Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-15845] - Upgrade WildFly Core to 18.0.1.Final
  • [WFLY-15854] - Upgrade bootable jar to 7.0.0.Final
  • [WFLY-15883] - Update protobuf to 3.19.2 (resolves CVE-2021-22569)
  • [WFLY-15894] - Upgrade HAL to 3.4.4.Final
  • [WFLY-15901] - Upgrade WildFly Core to 18.0.2.Final
  • [WFLY-15902] - Upgrade WildFly Core to 18.0.3.Final
  • [WFLY-15942] - Upgrade WildFly Core to 18.0.4.Final

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