Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.34.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-3276] - [DMN Designer] All GRIDS: Add support for resizing columns using header
  • [DROOLS-4561] - DMN introspect PMML for output types
  • [DROOLS-4739] - Support Camel integration test with the executable model
  • [DROOLS-4928] - Activate Exec Model in kie-server-integ-tests-controller
  • [DROOLS-4938] - Reenable testScanNow in KieControllerRuleCapabilitiesIntegrationTest
  • [DROOLS-5080] - [DMN Designer] Automatically create InputClause supporting Decisions
  • [DROOLS-5096] - [DMN Decision] Properties: Increase Question max length
  • [DROOLS-5097] - [DMN Designer] BKM Description max length
  • [DROOLS-5188] - [DMN Designer] Some DT Analysis messages does not appears


  • [DROOLS-4848] - JavaDoc generation doesn't work with JDK11 in droolsjbpm-knowledge repository
  • [DROOLS-4870] - Materialize consequences using Drools
  • [DROOLS-5017] - [DMN Designer] Validation issues are not shown in Alerts panel
  • [DROOLS-5052] - Remote kie container version overlays with the url
  • [DROOLS-5058] - [DMN Designer] Impossible to open a decision if another opened DMN is editing a decision
  • [DROOLS-5059] - Verifier: GDST columns empty enumeration should be ignored
  • [DROOLS-5060] - [DMN Designer] Editor allows node with prefix/trailing space
  • [DROOLS-5107] - A rule always fires with executable model for a constraint which has extra parentheses
  • [DROOLS-5119] - [Guided Rule Editor] Workbench BigDecimal value turns into 0.0 in DRL
  • [DROOLS-5173] - Can't create a child field under Data Types


  • [DROOLS-4792] - [DMN Designer] Eliminate producing of RenedringInformation - BaseKeyboardOperation
  • [DROOLS-4793] - [DMN Designer] Eliminate producing of RenedringInformation - BaseCellSelectionManager
  • [DROOLS-5012] - Clean up of kie-wb-decorated-grid-widget module
  • [DROOLS-5053] - Clean up kie-wb-common-server-ui-client unused dependencies

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