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  • [PLINK-656] - Allow users to configure the authentication URI when using FORM authentication
  • [PLINK-661] - SecurityFilter should better integrate with Rewrite
  • [PLINK-680] - IdP and SP must validate destination in requests and responses
  • [PLINK-681] - LDAP password validation handler should validate based on entry namespace
  • [PLINK-687] - Producer DefaultIdentity not serializable exception
  • [PLINK-688] - Clustering support

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-658] - Managed Attribute Support
  • [PLINK-659] - Add Handling of NameIDType in SAML2AuthenticationHandler.getRoles
  • [PLINK-662] - Quickstart to demonstrate how to use JPA and LDAP stores together
  • [PLINK-667] - CORS support


  • [PLINK-619] - Wildfly SP allows access after bad IDP signature
  • [PLINK-635] - Unable to get unathenticated access to SP resources with no auth-constraint
  • [PLINK-643] - Back Channel Single Logout does not work reliably
  • [PLINK-646] - FormAuthenticationScheme restore original URL not working
  • [PLINK-660] - picketlink-angularjs-rest basic auth. popup with chrome.
  • [PLINK-664] - DefaultPicketLogger.assertionExpired error is wrong
  • [PLINK-668] - AngularJs REST sometimes unauthorized when accessing REST service immediately after login
  • [PLINK-670] - Backchannel logout failing when using TLS
  • [PLINK-671] - LogManager error of type FORMAT_FAILURE: Formatting error
  • [PLINK-675] - LDAP query fails if there are no filters
  • [PLINK-677] - SAML2AuthenticationHandler fails when NotBefore or NotOnOrAfter Conditions are not set
  • [PLINK-678] - SP does not take Audience condition of a SAML assertion into account
  • [PLINK-679] - SAML Metadata, Unsupported RoleDescriptor element error
  • [PLINK-682] - Permission is not supporting cross-partition references of identity types
  • [PLINK-686] - SAML metadata parser does not recognize EncryptionMethod elements
  • [PLINK-702] - org.infinispan.commons.marshall.NotSerializableException: org.picketlink.config.http.PathConfiguration


  • [PLINK-637] - AbstractHttpSecurityBuilder missing javadoc
  • [PLINK-657] - Add quickstart to showcase JSF-based FORM authentication

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