Release Notes - Weld - Version 6.0.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2756] - Support standardized InvocationContext#getInterceptorBindings for CDI 4.1
  • [WELD-2764] - Create first implementation of CDI method invokers


  • [WELD-2752] - WeldInitialListener can throw NullPointerException if app fails to start
  • [WELD-2755] - Avoid creating duplicate thread groups
  • [WELD-2758] - Unable to create proxy class in some edgy cases
  • [WELD-2761] - WeldManager#getContexts() fails to return empty set if there are no contexts for given scope
  • [WELD-2762] - LazySessionBeanStore.getLockStore() throws NPE if session creation fails
  • [WELD-2763] - Proxy generation for bean with unassignable types in their type sets


  • [WELD-2753] - Remove checkstyle; introduce formatter and impsort
  • [WELD-2754] - Change group id for Jandex and update versions across the board
  • [WELD-2757] - Support inspectable CC and Contextual in CDI TCK SPI

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