Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.4.4.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2374] - Allow to configure the output of DiscoveryStrategyFactory.create()
  • [WELD-2376] - Generate HTML report if the deployment validation fails
  • [WELD-2386] - Allow to specify the bean discovery mode for synthetic bean archive
  • [WELD-2399] - WeldContainer - add convenient static method to return the current instance


  • [WELD-2273] - An abstract decorator class that extends a managed bean causes NPE
  • [WELD-2372] - @Initialized(RequestScoped.class) and related events not always fired during @PostConstruct callback
  • [WELD-2377] - enviroments/se/core/src/test are not included in code coverage generation
  • [WELD-2382] - Simple JSF project fails with "Singleton not set for STATIC_INSTANCE => []"
  • [WELD-2389] - BeanDeploymentModules service only makes sense for Java EE environments
  • [WELD-2390] - BeanManager.isStereotype() should not throw DefinitionException
  • [WELD-2392] - BeanDeploymentModules fallback not entirely correct
  • [WELD-2393] - Order of Portable Extension Events inconsistent with specification
  • [WELD-2395] - Fix Weld.PackInfo.equals() - only the first Package added through Weld.addPackages() methods consuming Package parameters is considered
  • [WELD-2511] - JsonObjects#createBuiltInDependency produces NPE for Instance<?> injection sites

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