Release Notes - Weld - Version 2.3.2.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-1811] - DefinitionException should be thrown when decorator constructor is missing inject annotation
  • [WELD-2039] - NullPointerException due to decorated object not having a CDI compatible constructor
  • [WELD-2052] - Conversations are destroyed too early when destroying a session
  • [WELD-2055] - Weld SE shutdown hook not triggered on WIndows
  • [WELD-2056] - Weld proxy handling with IBM java
  • [WELD-2060] - WARNs about javax.ejb annotations in a pure SE environment
  • [WELD-2061] - Probe development tool is not part of the OSGi bundle
  • [WELD-2065] - Resource injection now generates NPE in SE mode
  • [WELD-2069] - RequestScopedCache not cleared for EjbRequestContext


  • [WELD-2072] - Document WELD_CONTEXT_ID_KEY servlet init param
  • [WELD-2074] - Document default conversation context init behavior change


  • [WELD-2012] - Extend Probe integration tests to cover JMX support
  • [WELD-2066] - ProbeLogger.developmentModeEnabled() should be more explicit about security and performance risks
  • [WELD-2067] - Allow to limit access to Probe REST API
  • [WELD-2070] - Implement JandexServletContextBeanArchiveHandler

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