Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha15 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WELD-2008] - Interceptor builder
  • [WELD-2032] - Jetty integration uses deprecated class org/eclipse/jetty/servlet/ServletContextHandler$Decorator
  • [WELD-2084] - Weld proxies don't implement all abstract methods / better DS partial bean support


  • [WELD-1811] - DefinitionException should be thrown when decorator constructor is missing inject annotation
  • [WELD-2039] - NullPointerException due to decorated object not having a CDI compatible constructor
  • [WELD-2077] - BeanDeploymentModules service does not make sense for Weld SE
  • [WELD-2088] - InjectionPoint in SLSB, delegate() is null
  • [WELD-2089] - Weld proxies for classes that extend unproxyable classes should be instances of the classes
  • [WELD-2091] - Proxy - use the package of super interface for a bean with any concrete class but Object
  • [WELD-2092] - Client proxies should not implement private methods
  • [WELD-2100] - Section "11.2. Event observers" seems to be outdated


  • [WELD-2072] - Document WELD_CONTEXT_ID_KEY servlet init param
  • [WELD-2073] - AsyncEventDeliveryStage should use ExecutorServices.getTaskExecutor() as the default async executor
  • [WELD-2075] - Make MetadataImpl helper class part of the SPI
  • [WELD-2079] - Remove ScheduledExecutorServiceFactory from the required deployment services


  • [WELD-2045] - BeanDeploymentArchive - allow to get all the types found in a bean archive
  • [WELD-2085] - Validate decorator scope

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