Release Notes - Weld - Version 3.0.0.Alpha12 - HTML format


  • [WELD-1987] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException during Weld startup - incorrect log message format
  • [WELD-1991] - Wrong overloaded method invoked on decorator
  • [WELD-1992] - SE container should throw IllegalStateException when shutdown method called on not running container
  • [WELD-2005] - FastProcessAnnotatedTypeResolver treats parameterized types as covariant
  • [WELD-2006] - AccessControlException during weld-se bootstrap with SecurityManager


  • [WELD-1871] - Review of Definition/Deployment error reporting
  • [WELD-1976] - Align async events with EDR1
  • [WELD-1977] - Security context propagation
  • [WELD-1978] - Align bootstrap API with EDR1
  • [WELD-1985] - Bean detail - show interceptor bindings of an interceptor
  • [WELD-1986] - Bean detail - show delegate injection point info and decorated types of a decorator
  • [WELD-1989] - ProbeFilter - container may not trigger filters when recieving a request to a path which is not mapped to any servlet
  • [WELD-2002] - Switch to templates for reference documentation


  • [WELD-1948] - Supplement WELD-000225 log message with the list of affected bean identifiers
  • [WELD-1995] - Initialize conversation id generator and conversation map lazily
  • [WELD-1998] - Exception in sync observer aborts processing of async event
  • [WELD-2003] - Improve Weld.initialize() javadoc so that it is clear that a shutdown hook is registered automatically

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