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Feature Request

  • [WELD-1250] - Cache resolved observer methods within EventImpl
  • [WELD-1333] - GenericSignatureFormatError with GAE 1.7.5
  • [WELD-1347] - Add more logging to bootstrap and runtime operation


  • [WELD-1215] - Nested class within an invalid class causes deployment failure
  • [WELD-1317] - numberguess/ and permalink/ tomcat instructions work only with tomcat6
  • [WELD-1320] - @PreDestroy method not called for @Dependent beans (using Instance)
  • [WELD-1323] - resolved cache in TypeSafeObserverResolver is unbounded
  • [WELD-1365] - InterceptionModel should be immutable
  • [WELD-1413] - Warning about invalid beans.xml
  • [WELD-1421] - Ugly NPE when passivation capable bean has a null id
  • [WELD-1423] - Invalid cast from DefinitionException to WeldException
  • [WELD-1431] - Weld SE (shaded uber jar) not working with JDK6


  • [WELD-609] - weld-servlet-javadoc.jar missing
  • [WELD-1072] - Weld#shutdown() should not fail if the application scope has been invalidated already
  • [WELD-1291] - Get rid of computing maps
  • [WELD-1390] - Revisit interceptor binding type restrictions
  • [WELD-1398] - Enable additional checkstyle checks
  • [WELD-1426] - All containers should implement CDI11* SPIs
  • [WELD-1427] - Revise CDI TCK runner
  • [WELD-1429] - Put JSF classes into a separate artifact


  • [WELD-952] - Fix deprecated dependencies in jboss test harness

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