Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 11.0.4.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-11672] - Cancel State transfer for a cache
  • [ISPN-11705] - Error and Loading handling
  • [ISPN-12029] - Replace Blocking Executor with an EnhancedQueueExecutor
  • [ISPN-12217] - Docs: Ports and Protocols
  • [ISPN-12233] - Server requirements link
  • [ISPN-12240] - CLI manpage reference update
  • [ISPN-12246] - Docs: Details about purge with shared stores
  • [ISPN-12258] - Operator Docs: Doc edits for xsite and creating caches
  • [ISPN-12272] - Docs: Cross-Site updates for clarity
  • [ISPN-12344] - Docs: Do not preload shared remote stores
  • [ISPN-12352] - Set license information when missing
  • [ISPN-12373] - Set missing licenses manually
  • [ISPN-12375] - Add missing license information to wildfly modules

Feature Request


  • [ISPN-12088] - Property realm groups file format is wrong
  • [ISPN-12162] - Fix marshaller inconsistent configuration
  • [ISPN-12249] - Better exception handling for cross-site requests
  • [ISPN-12250] - Add exponential back-off for cross-site network failures
  • [ISPN-12252] - Default hibernate cache configurations use unspecified media type
  • [ISPN-12273] - Potential race condition during wiring of EncoderCache
  • [ISPN-12309] - Creating cache with invalid configuration leaves inconsistent state
  • [ISPN-12311] - Data access pizza chart show invalid percent value
  • [ISPN-12329] - [console] create licenses.xml with console dependencies
  • [ISPN-12330] - Fix licenses for Infinispan Server
  • [ISPN-12334] - Fix configdocs
  • [ISPN-12367] - ServerRunMode.FORKED can leak running "tail -f .../server/log/server.log" processes
  • [ISPN-12368] - ServerRunMode.FORKED always leaks running server processes when cluster shutdown fails
  • [ISPN-12374] - shutdown command stops the Infinispan Server but leaves the JVM process running
  • [ISPN-12378] - Distributed queries don't respect RPC timeout


  • [ISPN-12041] - ServerRunMode.FORKED mode doesn't work on Windows

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