Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.0.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-7230] - XSite view should be logged at INFO
  • [ISPN-7231] - XSite view should be available via JMX and DMR operations
  • [ISPN-7351] - Support @Named in CDI extension


  • [ISPN-6038] - ClientAsymmetricClusterTest.testAsymmetricCluster random failures
  • [ISPN-6421] - Instantiation of cache based on template should not modify template
  • [ISPN-6788] - Administration console - additional information in forms is not always displayed correctly
  • [ISPN-7076] - Cache clear doesn't work when passivation is enabled
  • [ISPN-7127] - Broken InboundTransferTask may lose segments on restart
  • [ISPN-7129] - Duplicate cache names shouldn't be allowed
  • [ISPN-7227] - SearchNewEntityJmsMasterSlaveUsingInfinispanAndModulesIT fails
  • [ISPN-7324] - DDAsyncInterceptor indirection slows down replicated reads
  • [ISPN-7329] - Administration console - cannot edit eviction
  • [ISPN-7353] - Administration console - additional information in new script dialog is not displayed
  • [ISPN-7370] - Administration console - configuration of cache store is broken
  • [ISPN-7381] - PutKeyValueCommand fails with 'Timeout after 180 seconds waiting for acks'
  • [ISPN-7389] - Fix ExampleConfigsIT.testSSLHotRodConfig
  • [ISPN-7392] - The policy elements are ignored in the server sasl configuration
  • [ISPN-7393] - Failed to properly start Hot Rod endpoint with the provided standalone-hotrod-ssl.xml
  • [ISPN-7397] - Replace use of shared SingleFileStore with DummyInMemoryStore
  • [ISPN-7398] - AbstractProtocolServerTest.testStartingWithoutTransport fails
  • [ISPN-7404] - Unresolved directive error in user guide
  • [ISPN-7416] - ProtobufMetadataManager fails with IllegalArgumentException while unregistering a proto schema that contains syntax errors
  • [ISPN-7427] - CLI command 'stats' shows less information
  • [ISPN-7430] - Slowdown when using PutAll with transactions
  • [ISPN-7438] - Administration console - can't create cache from template with JDBC store
  • [ISPN-7440] - Administration console - stopping cluster changes the status to "degraded" instead of "stopped"
  • [ISPN-7442] - Server overrides configuration defaults
  • [ISPN-7443] - Administration console - memory usage chart is not displayed
  • [ISPN-7444] - Configuration templates are redefined as concrete caches
  • [ISPN-7453] - Fix EmbeddedAllTest.testAllEmbeddedJpaStore
  • [ISPN-7454] - Disable Surefire/Failsafe trimStackTrace to show full stacktraces


  • [ISPN-5941] - Ensure testability of management console
  • [ISPN-7132] - Change Console LevelDB references to RocksDB
  • [ISPN-7399] - Make visitCommand return an Object instead of an InvocationStage
  • [ISPN-7403] - Remove Binary/Mixed JDBC Stores from console
  • [ISPN-7423] - Restructure Hot Rod and Java client documentation
  • [ISPN-7424] - Link Hibernate 2L documentation to Hibernate
  • [ISPN-7452] - OSGi dependencies hibernate-commons-annotations and Jandex no longer need wrapping
  • [ISPN-7455] - Lucene Directory integration tests on WildFly are broken
  • [ISPN-7456] - Comment out unused log messages

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-7388] - Upgrade to JGroups 4.0.0.CR2
  • [ISPN-7406] - Update to Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Final
  • [ISPN-7426] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.7.0.CR1 and Hibernate ORM 5.2.7.Final


  • [ISPN-6225] - Allow the ratio segments/shard to be configurable for the AffinityIndexManager
  • [ISPN-6807] - Customization of console features by configuration
  • [ISPN-7267] - Allow skipping tests based on certain condition
  • [ISPN-7373] - Skip OSGiKarafFeaturesTest on Windows
  • [ISPN-7391] - Provide simple username/password/realm configuration attributes for the Hot Rod client
  • [ISPN-7402] - Expose ProtobufMetadataManager.getFileErrors and ProtobufMetadataManager.getFilesWithErrors as DMR operations
  • [ISPN-7419] - Enable system property replacement in Hot Rod configuration
  • [ISPN-7425] - Enable admins to delete configuration subsections
  • [ISPN-7446] - Declarative configuration of clustered caches should default to sync
  • [ISPN-7458] - Publish modules for Hibernate Search integration with both WildFly main version and latest upstream

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