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  • [ISPN-5868] - Infinispan Server CLI container command doesn't work
  • [ISPN-5954] - Adjust Embedded and Remote Uber Jar packaging
  • [ISPN-5995] - ParseUtils.unexpectedElement/unxpectedAttribute called but the exception is not thrown
  • [ISPN-6025] - Cache-api is needed when using uberjars even if CDI isn't used
  • [ISPN-6051] - ClusterExpirationManager missing locking
  • [ISPN-6077] - AddCache dialog only offers cache templates from "clustered" cache container
  • [ISPN-6081] - Creating new cache with name that already exists leads to no response in the UI
  • [ISPN-6099] - ConcurrentJoinTest random failures
  • [ISPN-6111] - Management console - node view - total number of entries is not displayed
  • [ISPN-6125] - JMX attribute evictions is always zero in Statistics and ClusterCacheStats MBeans
  • [ISPN-6136] - OptimisticLockingTxClusterExtendedStatisticLogicTest random failures with SyncConsistentHashFactory
  • [ISPN-6137] - ScriptMetadataTest.testBrokenParameters fails since the logging range changes
  • [ISPN-6146] - XA transactions already committed in prepare as XA_RDONLY fail on commit with "ISPN000112: exception while committing: javax.transaction.xa.XAException"
  • [ISPN-6175] - Server throwing warning about wrong eviction configuration
  • [ISPN-6182] - Scala blueprint generator prevent successfull builds of the core module on JDK 1.9
  • [ISPN-6192] - Short-term memory leak caused by RPCs that complete prior to their timeout
  • [ISPN-6193] - ExampleConfigsIT.testHotrodMultipleConfig fails
  • [ISPN-6195] - CacheNotFoundResponse error when starting multiple Infinispan Server instances in parallel
  • [ISPN-6199] - Creation of container security/authorization in server via management ops is broken
  • [ISPN-6200] - Remote iterators don't work in compatibility mode
  • [ISPN-6202] - Properties defined in <local-cache-configuration> are not applied to children
  • [ISPN-6203] - CNFE during RemoteStore initialization of balancing strategy w/jboss-modules
  • [ISPN-6206] - FunctionalMapTest failures
  • [ISPN-6207] - Cross-Site Replication marshalling issues
  • [ISPN-6213] - LiveRunningTest and TwoNodesTest consistently failing
  • [ISPN-6216] - InfinispanQueryStatistics MBean grows the values on each read


  • [ISPN-3782] - Update Infinispan code once HSEARCH-1461 is fixed
  • [ISPN-6128] - Expose ProtoBuf Manager through DMR
  • [ISPN-6215] - Create Remote Java Client package
  • [ISPN-6218] - Make the ClusterRoleMapper use the InternalCacheRegistry

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-6090] - Upgrade the metainf-services annotation processor to fix compilation issues on Java 9
  • [ISPN-6091] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 5.4.1
  • [ISPN-6092] - Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.6.0.Alpha1


  • [ISPN-825] - Consider staggering remote get requests when using DIST
  • [ISPN-5135] - Configure server locking/statetransfer/etc from JON plugin
  • [ISPN-5367] - Cache putMap/getAll usage of SegmentAwareMap/Set performance investigation
  • [ISPN-5413] - Index Affinity support
  • [ISPN-5814] - View cross site replication state
  • [ISPN-5815] - Implement deployment of server-side java tasks
  • [ISPN-6056] - Improve ReplicableCommand marshalling
  • [ISPN-6069] - Unify the continuous query API for remote and embedded mode
  • [ISPN-6074] - DistExec API should not require a distributed cache
  • [ISPN-6127] - Minor Stream Performance tweaks
  • [ISPN-6174] - Avoid calling the server after iteration is done in the remote iterator
  • [ISPN-6191] - Provide Externalizers for (Double|Long|Int)SummaryStatistics
  • [ISPN-6198] - Add category and level filtering to event logger
  • [ISPN-6211] - Create DMR operations to enable / disable rebalancing per cache and container
  • [ISPN-6214] - Add configuration for initial number of nodes

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