Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.0.0.Alpha4 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-3849] - Re-work ServiceLoader concepts
  • [ISPN-3850] - Introduce non-static utility to handle classloading hierarchy
  • [ISPN-3910] - HotRod authentication
  • [ISPN-3911] - Integrate endpoint security with server security subsystem
  • [ISPN-4174] - Pluggable Audit logging for authentication and authorization

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3917] - Filter objects using the query DSL (without using an index)
  • [ISPN-4097] - Add SKIP_CACHE_LOAD flag for Hot Rod
  • [ISPN-4205] - Security integration test for kerberos + LDAP
  • [ISPN-4222] - Add support for distributed entry iterator
  • [ISPN-4243] - Create features file for LevelDB cache store for use in Karaf
  • [ISPN-4244] - Create features file for Remote cache store for use in Karaf
  • [ISPN-4266] - Make public all ProtobufParser.parse(..) method variants


  • [ISPN-2344] - StateTransferReplicationQueueTest.testStateTransferWithNodeRestartedAndBusy
  • [ISPN-3652] - Some tests from org.infinispan.statetransfer package hang on Windows and fails randomly on RHEL and Solaris
  • [ISPN-3680] - Inconsistent way to use the column id in the JdbcBinaryCacheStore
  • [ISPN-3689] - Preloading fails with JdbcBinaryCacheStore on DB2
  • [ISPN-3742] - StateTransferReplicationQueueTest random failures
  • [ISPN-3838] - L1 entry added by ST when already invalidated
  • [ISPN-4187] - LRU eviction algorithm does not evict the eldest entry
  • [ISPN-4192] - Adding a clustered in a local cache fails with NullPointerException
  • [ISPN-4196] - Local transaction not removed from transaction table with keySet, entrySet, values operations
  • [ISPN-4207] - Lock container ignores key Equivalence
  • [ISPN-4214] - Custom cache store and cache loader sets SHARED attribute to the value of NAME attribute
  • [ISPN-4216] - Use IGNORE_RETURN_VALUES flag for inserting keys/values in M/R intermediate cache
  • [ISPN-4221] - Implicitly enable authorization from XML config
  • [ISPN-4230] - WebSocket Server not usable in Infinispan Server
  • [ISPN-4231] - DistSyncL1FuncTest.testRemoteGetArrivesButWriteOccursBeforeRegistration random failures
  • [ISPN-4232] - HotRod client cannot be installed in Karaf due to missing dependency on infinispan-core
  • [ISPN-4233] - Infinispan in OSGi depends on hardcoded Parser version 60
  • [ISPN-4234] - OSGi core bundle - missing* dependency
  • [ISPN-4236] - RHQ JMX plugin causes Cache/CacheManager to report as not available
  • [ISPN-4239] - Commands received before the first topology where the local node is a member are not ignored
  • [ISPN-4241] - Distexec cannot clone tasks for distributed executions in Karaf
  • [ISPN-4250] - PR for ISPN-4190 causes a performance drop in repl mode
  • [ISPN-4269] - Infinispan quickstarts clustered-cache does not compile
  • [ISPN-4270] - JPA Cache Store is missing from the BOM
  • [ISPN-4277] - ISPN server is not able to load login modules
  • [ISPN-4302] - Set default isolation level to READ_COMMITTED in server


  • [ISPN-3877] - SingleFileStore continues to consume space on the disk even if the free entries at end of the file are not in use. This space can be released back to the filesystem
  • [ISPN-3894] - SingleFileStore can optimize space usage by coalescing adjacent free entry blocks.
  • [ISPN-4133] - DistSyncL1FuncTest.testNonOwnerRetrievesValueFromBackupOwnerWhileWrite
  • [ISPN-4160] - Do not allow the state transfer chunk size to be <= 0
  • [ISPN-4203] - Update clustered cache quickstart to remove the cluster validation
  • [ISPN-4206] - Add test for distributed HotRod RollingUpgrades scenario
  • [ISPN-4253] - Simplify source code import of project in Eclipse
  • [ISPN-4254] - Drop Java6 compatibility, change all modules to use Java7

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-4225] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.5.0.Beta5
  • [ISPN-4279] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.8.0


  • [ISPN-2148] - Improve lock timeout exception details
  • [ISPN-4204] - Sync distexec demo project with current test code
  • [ISPN-4218] - Increase default maxCollectorSize for MapReduceTask
  • [ISPN-4240] - Migrate one intermediate key/value per maxCollectorSize threshold

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