Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 6.0.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-2272] - Migrate deprecated configuration API in tests infinispan-core
  • [ISPN-3169] - Define a Query API that will be common for library mode + remote
  • [ISPN-3333] - Implement the new Query DSL in embedded mode
  • [ISPN-3378] - Move cassandra cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3379] - Move hbase cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3380] - Move cloud cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3381] - Move bdbje cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3382] - Move jdbm cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3383] - Move jpa cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3384] - Move mongodb cache store to its own repository
  • [ISPN-3385] - Move leveldb cache store to its own repository

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3343] - Write up CacheLoaderConfiguration and corresponding Builder for Lucene module.
  • [ISPN-3373] - HotRod topology cache should allow disabling awaitInitialTransfer


  • [ISPN-2203] - Test AsyncAPITest.testAsyncMethodWithLifespanAndMaxIdle is unstable
  • [ISPN-2771] - WriteSkewTest.testWriteSkewWithOnlyPut fails randomly
  • [ISPN-2863] - TopologyAwareTwoNodesMapReduceTest.testInvokeMapWithReduceExceptionPhaseInRemoteExecution and SimpleTwoNodesMapReduceTest.testInvokeMapWithReduceExceptionPhaseInRemoteExecution randomly fails
  • [ISPN-3197] - Message ordering of Get and Invalidation can cause L1 to be inconsistent
  • [ISPN-3272] - Help of Put, Replace, Rollback, Start CLI commands got StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [ISPN-3288] - Putting an entry with rest gives 'Failure to marshall arguments' error
  • [ISPN-3307] - Fix Stackoverflow error in CHMv8
  • [ISPN-3311] - org.infinispan.lifecycle.ModuleLifecycle service definitions missing from Lucene Directory jar
  • [ISPN-3324] - JDBC cache store test suite can hang because of c3p0 bug
  • [ISPN-3325] - ConsistentHashV1IntegrationTest.testCorrectBalancingOfKeysAfterNodeKill random failures
  • [ISPN-3326] - LevelDB cachestore should use cachename to construct path
  • [ISPN-3332] - ReadableGridFileChannel#read doesn't return -1 on EOS
  • [ISPN-3352] - Issues with the M/Rs intermediate cache shut down
  • [ISPN-3390] - SingleFileCacheStore.start() fails if cache name contains File.separator
  • [ISPN-3392] - Server Security subsystem broken by usage of deprecated API


  • [ISPN-2463] - Clean up Configuration API in test suites
  • [ISPN-3105] - Design query API for both embedded use and Java Hot Rod client

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-3208] - Remove Solder dependency from Infinispan CDI
  • [ISPN-3234] - Upgrade to JCache 0.8
  • [ISPN-3356] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.3.3.Final
  • [ISPN-3358] - Update to Apache Lucene 4.4.0
  • [ISPN-3363] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.3.4.Final


  • [ISPN-3279] - Delete ConfigurationOverrides and GlobalConfigurationOverrides in Spring module

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