Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.1.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1777] - Add LoadersConfigurationBuilder.clearCacheLoaders() method
  • [ISPN-1801] - Virtual nodes should be enabled by default
  • [ISPN-1817] - Lazily initialize executors and scheduled executors


  • [ISPN-1786] - <hash> and <l1> settings are ignored when read from the configuration file and inherited from the default cache
  • [ISPN-1788] - infinispan-5.1.xsd out of sync with StAX parser
  • [ISPN-1789] - Incorrect LoaderConfigurationBuilder validation causes misleading WARN log message
  • [ISPN-1798] - forceReturnValues parameter to RemoteCacheManager.createCache() is ignored!
  • [ISPN-1807] - Write skew checks fail when using replicated mode
  • [ISPN-1809] - Some online 5.1 javadoc files empty
  • [ISPN-1813] - Javadoc wrong on ClusteringConfigurationBuilder.stateTransfer()
  • [ISPN-1814] - CacheViewsManagerImpl enters an infinite loop if a joining node is killed before installing the initial view
  • [ISPN-1816] - Re-adding an entry doesn't reset creation time when using lifespans


  • [ISPN-1787] - MurmurHash3 performance optimizations

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-1784] - Reduce thread notifications in CommandAwareRpcDispatcher.FutureCollator
  • [ISPN-1793] - Have ComponentRegistry expose getters for commonly retrieved components at runtime
  • [ISPN-1795] - GenericTransactionManagerLookup should attempt to use an embedded JBossTM instance if JNDI lookups fail, before falling back to a DummyTM
  • [ISPN-1803] - Pick a better default size for Marshaller object buffers
  • [ISPN-1805] - Remove or downgrade "Passivation configured without a valid eviction policy" startup warning.
  • [ISPN-1810] - Default to larger timeouts for keep-alive of JGroups threadpools
  • [ISPN-1815] - Reuse Marshaller and Unmarshaller instances

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