Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 5.1.0.BETA1 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-1420] - Replace evictionWakeUpInterval with expirationWakeUpinterval in ConfigurationOverrides

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-1131] - Add support for optimistic locking
  • [ISPN-1389] - Add ability to specify custom ExecutorFactory impls to RemoteCacheManager and via RemoteCacheStoreConfig


  • [ISPN-1190] - ModuleProperties should not use static fields
  • [ISPN-1306] - Missing dependency in repository: com.sleepycat:je:jar:4.0.92
  • [ISPN-1375] - IllegalStateException: "Tx lock should not be locked for writing as long as the latch is open" during stress tests
  • [ISPN-1377] - Upgrade to Spring 3.1.0.M2
  • [ISPN-1412] - TEST_PING should be protected against paralel cache manager startups
  • [ISPN-1415] - timeouts on EmbeddedCacheManager.startCaches() on replicated caches
  • [ISPN-1417] - Inefficient and unnecessary clearing of looked up entries when a context is reset
  • [ISPN-1418] - FileCacheStore throws an IllegalMonitorStateException in FileCacheVamTest
  • [ISPN-1426] - Socket creation not within retry logicc
  • [ISPN-1431] - Compile errors in Query after test utilities changed signature in core
  • [ISPN-1432] - Enabling batching without specifying a transaction mode generates runtime NPE
  • [ISPN-1433] - Async operations don't work on transactional or batch-using caches
  • [ISPN-1434] - LockingMode cannot be configured through XML


  • [ISPN-1104] - Upgrade to Scala 2.9.1
  • [ISPN-1191] - Replace JGroups partial state transfer
  • [ISPN-1223] - adding license.txt in all jars under META-INF/LICENSE.txt - found in infinispan-5.0.0.CR7
  • [ISPN-1278] - Update the version of JCACHE API
  • [ISPN-1305] - Rename the Infinispan annotation
  • [ISPN-1308] - Create a test project to run the JCACHE TCK (annotations part)
  • [ISPN-1330] - Upgrade to version 0.2 of JCACHE API
  • [ISPN-1398] - Review Rsp.getValue usage
  • [ISPN-1422] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.0.0.CR4
  • [ISPN-1428] - Create an adapter class for utility classes in org.infinispan.test package for use by ispn-arq project


  • [ISPN-1204] - Make JDBC cache store use implicit schemas for database tables
  • [ISPN-1361] - Remove dependencies to Hibernate Core
  • [ISPN-1423] - Lucene Directory should take advantage of the new Flags semantics

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