Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 5.0.1.Final - HTML format


  • [RESTEASY-2891] - The resteasy-json-binding-provider requires Yasson at runtime
  • [RESTEASY-3033] - Deadlock while sending sse events when first event is not yet send
  • [RESTEASY-3043] - Resteasy SseEventSink can't guarantee the event ordering
  • [RESTEASY-3044] - SSE first message comes in second
  • [RESTEASY-3045] - SSE loses last message when sink is closed after message delivery
  • [RESTEASY-3046] - ProviderHelper's writeTo stalls due to DeferredOutstream flush (on Tomcat)
  • [RESTEASY-3049] - The StreamingOutputTest seems to periodically hang on CI runs
  • [RESTEASY-3051] - SseEventSource should respect alwaysConnect after the SseEventSink is closed
  • [RESTEASY-3052] - StreamingOutputTest hangs on CI intermittently
  • [RESTEASY-3053] - The new SseEventSinkTest.deadlockAtInitialization fails intermittently


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