Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 4.5.8.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-2597] - Allow prevention of automatic http request retries


  • [RESTEASY-2300] - Blank Host Name still throws exception
  • [RESTEASY-2549] - Usage of HibernateValidator Impl classes in SimpleViolationsContainer
  • [RESTEASY-2595] - RESTEasy Links provider should use correct class loader
  • [RESTEASY-2625] - @Produces("text/event-stream;element-type=text/xml") throws exception
  • [RESTEASY-2627] - Asynchronous IO not working with Netty
  • [RESTEASY-2633] - REST Client does not encode multi char code points correctly
  • [RESTEASY-2634] - HttpHeaders.getAcceptableLanguages() doesn't comply with JAX-RS 2.0 spec
  • [RESTEASY-2637] - Spring MVC @RequestParam encoding problem on UTF-8
  • [RESTEASY-2642] - Java 2 security doPriv block required for reading system properties
  • [RESTEASY-2661] - MediaTypeMap shared across threads, but cache is not thread-safe
  • [RESTEASY-2662] - ResteasyContext.getContextData() will create a context if it does not exist
  • [RESTEASY-2674] - RESTEASY003870/unableToExtractParameter doesn't show the value of provided parameter
  • [RESTEASY-2678] - @RegisterProvider does not honor priority from @Priority
  • [RESTEASY-2683] - NPE in ApacheHttpClient43Test because cache is null in MediaTypeMap
  • [RESTEASY-2689] - SseEventOutputImpl wrong CompletionStage composition sequence
  • [RESTEASY-2695] - Unexpected/invalid sse event when mediaType is defined



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