Release Notes - JBoss Web Services - Version jbossws-cxf-6.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [JBWS-4309] - jbossws-cxf-client maven fail to resolve some dependencies


  • [JBWS-4252] - Review docs in and fix broken link
  • [JBWS-4289] - Update javax spec name and package name to jakarta in adoc files
  • [JBWS-4290] - Remove log4j 1.x from WFLY module dependencies
  • [JBWS-4291] - Remove the old jdocbook format doc files
  • [JBWS-4295] - Add wildfly27dev profile to test against WFLY27 upstream version
  • [JBWS-4302] - Exclude jsf subsytem to fix EmbeddedCXFTestCase and ClientSpringAppTestCase
  • [JBWS-4304] - testsuit Windows remove groovy scripts
  • [JBWS-4306] - Update JBoss AS to WildFly in documentation
  • [JBWS-4307] - Remove picketlink and picketbox dependencies
  • [JBWS-4312] - Remove the propertyregex and use pathconvert to generate property value for wildfly cli script
  • [JBWS-4314] - Move the elytron and other dependency to dependency management in parent pom
  • [JBWS-4316] - Jdk9PlusJBossModulesAwareCompiler can't load module warning
  • [JBWS-4318] - Remove groovy dependency from parent pom
  • [JBWS-4319] - Enable EndpointPublishTestCase and WSTrustTestCase
  • [JBWS-4320] - wsconsume prints SL4J log warning message

Component Upgrade

  • [JBWS-4292] - Upgrade WidlFly 27 version to 27.0.0.Alpha3-SNAPSHOT
  • [JBWS-4294] - Upgrade wildfly27 version to 27.0.0.Alpha3
  • [JBWS-4305] - Upgrade to WFLY 27.0.0.Alpha4
  • [JBWS-4310] - Upgrade CXF from 3.5.2-jbossorg-2 to 3.5.2-jbossorg-3
  • [JBWS-4313] - Upgrade jakarta api dependencies and various other dependencies
  • [JBWS-4315] - Upgrade to 4.0 and remove the jws dependency
  • [JBWS-4317] - Upgrade to WFLY 27.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT

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