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ISPN-5626 Allow forEach consumer to have a Cache Injected

Cache Injection was purposely left out with distributed streams. This is due to map/reduce requiring CDI to do injection. Do we still want to do that or just do something simple like an extra interface?


ISPN-5626 Change stream timeout values for remote operations to use replication timeout

Currently the AbstractCacheStream and others have hard coded wait times for remote operation timeouts. We should instead change those to be the replication timeout values.


ISPN-5626 Change isEmpty to use anyMatch to prevent serializing entries

isEmpty should use anyMatch so that we don't have to serialize all of the iterated values across the stream and allows for short circuiting of loops.


ISPN-5626 Address rework comments for ISPN-5293

There are some new rework comments for This issue will cover those.


ISPN-5626 Port tests from enty retriever

This is to port the various entry retriever tests to get similar coverage for distributed streams.