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Clean up missing parts for Distributed Streams


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      There are some things left over that need to still be done possibly

      1. Investigate iterator parallel stream performance
      2. Add support for key filter applying to cache loader
      3. Add cache loader managed blocker
      4. Add tests for skip & limit.
      5. -Add tests for containsValue requiring serialization overhead.- Unneeded
      6. -Change isEmpty to use findAny-
      7. Need to test a map/flatMap operation after an intermediate terminal operation such as sorted. This is to verify the iterator doesn't use the different map operation.
      8. -Add timeout for remote operations to be equal to replication sync timeout-
      9. Add new BitSetSet support to reduce segments footprint
      10. Support concurrent activations properly (this is also an issue with state transfer)
      11. Add tests for parallel streams with a cache loader (covers this change https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan/pull/3602/files#diff-00281a3984a996592dee47f678a6fc8a)
      12. Rewrite cache loader to use a spliterator which allows for a more performant forEachRemaining and possibly better parallel split values

            wburns@redhat.com Will Burns
            wburns@redhat.com Will Burns
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