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HAL-581 ResourceAdapters Configuration

Overall Changes
  • JCA Resource Adapters → Resource Adapters
  • Available Resource Adapter → Available Resource Adapters
  • Connection Def. → Connection Definitions
  • Add column: Admin Objects

Rename to "General"

  • TX → Transaction Support
  • Add: Statistics enabled, Bootstrap Context, Bean Validation Groups
Work Manager Security (New Tab)
  • Enabled
  • Default Groups
  • Default Principal
  • Security Domain
  • Mapping required
  • Group mappings
  • User mappings
Connection Definition (New Tab)

Not part of the first cut. However, keep track of the following issues:

  • Idle Timeout is of type 'long'
  • Track Statements is no longer a string / enum, but a boolean
Admin Objects (New Tab)

Not part of the first cut


HAL-581 XA Datasource Configuration

  • Same RM Override → IsSameRM Override
  • Interleave → Interleaving
  • Wrap XA → Wrap XAResource
Recovery (new tab)

Will not be part of the first cut


HAL-581 Datasource Configuration

Overall Changes

The “En/Disable” button is sort of confusing. Can’t we have a button that is grey’ed out, and based on the datasource in question is enabled with the text “Enable” or “Disable” ?

  • Name
  • JNDI
  • Enabled
  • Statistics enabled
  • Driver

Remove: Datasource-class, Driver-class, Share Prepared Statements, Statement Cache Size

  • Connection URL
  • New Connection SQL
  • Transaction Isolation
  • Use JTA
  • Use CCM
  • Min Pool Size
  • Initial Pool Size
  • Max Pool Size
  • Prefill
  • Flush strategy
  • Strict Minimum
  • Use fast fail

Remove: Idle Timeout, Track statements
Add: Initial pool size, Use fast fail

Flush strategy is a drop-down

  • FailingConnectionOnly (default)
  • InvalidIdleConnections
  • IdleConnections
  • Gracefully
  • EntirePool
  • AllInvalidIdleConnections
  • AllIdleConnections
  • AllGracefully
  • AllConnections

Capacity policies will not be part of the first cut.


Add: Allow Multiple Users, Reauthentication plugin


Validation Millis → Background Validation Millis

  • Use tryLock() → Use try lock
  • Set Tx Query Timeout → Set Transaction Query Timeout
Statements (new tab)
  • Track Statements (allowed values: true, false, nowarn)
  • Share Prepared Statements
  • Prepared Statement Cache Size

HAL-581 JCA Configuration

Common Config → Connection Manager
  • Rename “Connection Manager” to “Cached Connection Manager” or “CCM”.
  • Attributes:
    1. Debug Enabled
    2. Error Enabled
    3. Ignore Unknown Connections Enabled

There needs to be button that invokes the :list-connections operation.

Common Config → Archive Validation
  • Attributes:
    1. Enabled
    2. Fail on Warn
    3. Fail on Error
Common Config → Bean Vallidation
  • Attributes:
    1. Enabled

HAL-581 Provide a list of available JDBC drivers


HAL-581 Expose all flush-* operations to the datasource runtime view

Currently there's only one flush button which maps to :flush-gracefully-connection-in-pool(). Change the button to a drop down button which offers all flush operations available in WF 9.x

  • flush-all-connection-in-pool
  • flush-gracefully-connection-in-pool
  • flush-idle-connection-in-pool
  • flush-invalid-connection-in-pool

This applies to "Configuration / Datasources / Pool" and "Runtime / Datasources"