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ResourceAdapters Configuration


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    • 2.6.10
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      Overall Changes
      • JCA Resource Adapters → Resource Adapters
      • Available Resource Adapter → Available Resource Adapters
      • Connection Def. → Connection Definitions
      • Add column: Admin Objects

      Rename to "General"

      • TX → Transaction Support
      • Add: Statistics enabled, Bootstrap Context, Bean Validation Groups
      Work Manager Security (New Tab)
      • Enabled
      • Default Groups
      • Default Principal
      • Security Domain
      • Mapping required
      • Group mappings
      • User mappings
      Connection Definition (New Tab)

      Not part of the first cut. However, keep track of the following issues:

      • Idle Timeout is of type 'long'
      • Track Statements is no longer a string / enum, but a boolean
      Admin Objects (New Tab)

      Not part of the first cut

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            hpehl@redhat.com Harald Pehl
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