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RFE: OSSO: Missing support for deploying additional custom resources through the operator


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      Custom schedulers could have any number of additional resources necessary – configmaps, CRDs, rbac policies, etc... Users should either be able to provide these to the operator, or we should document that they are responsible for creating additional resources on their own


      Porting https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2071684 into JIRA.


      • The secondary scheduler operator needs to have a minimal RBAC set.
      • The operator already needs to have an rbac rule when installing the same RBAC for a secondary scheduler plugin. For that, any such additional rbac rule needs to be managed by a third entity. I.e. user installing SSO and deploying a secondary scheduler is responsible and accountable for managing lifecycle of the rbac rule.

      Scope: the delivery mechanism for the extra resources

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