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    • OCPPLAN-4508 - Customize the behaviour of the default scheduler with scheduler Profiles
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      As a CEE associate[s]/orginaization, I want to know about new features and how these new features impacts customers, as well as how they (customers) interact with it. We also want to know about the features development, how it was tested (or how we plan to test it), and how it is documented (or how we plan to document it).

      CEE needs a new feature technical enablment overview (slide deck, pre-created: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mVvCU9ezQA9RASuCWacwl4I7Lk7WWha_d9nlR4DvEbk/edit?usp=drivesdk),
      that outlines, what "Scheduling Enhacements" (feature or set of features) are/is being deliverd.
      CEE endevors to understand how we are testing, and how we are documenting the subject, so please coordinate with the proper functional teams to complete this effort (it is part of the definition of DONE).


      Important Considerations:

      • Additional details on how to troubeshoot or debug this component/feature, should be a focal point.
      • Note: all efforts you put in here, ultimatly go's to reducing the LOE needed to traiage and work bugs,
        as CEE will be more prepared, and better equiped when filing issues, or addressing customer cases.

      More Details:
      For more information please see: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-EjXidVHA4hB2XezuObfb7LY9xhLEIHijxIsj_ocQfw/edit#


      • All functions have the slide deck created by feature complete, so that CEE have them provided for review (to test/explore with nightly builds).

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