Implicit is misleading name - it is not the implicit phase.
      I suggested Computed or Derived or Inferred, but native speakers came up with better, Dependent.

      (17:17:43) ozizka-FN: What if a rule has explicitly Implicit,
      (17:17:57) ozizka-FN: and getExAfter states some rule in some phase
      (17:18:01) ozizka-FN: will it get skipped?
      (17:18:17) jsightler: ozizka: I don't know how well our current predicates work for that. In some cases, I think we can still skip them (I'm thinking of the dependency predicate here)
      (17:18:43) ozizka-FN: jsightler: What is our definition of "being in phase"? Does that mean that
      (17:18:53) samueltauil [~samueltau@] entered the room.
      (17:18:55) ozizka-FN: a rule runs between Somephase and the next?
      (17:19:17) jsightler: ozizka: Right.
      (17:19:42) jsightler: Although this is a lot more complicated than before, since phases can be dynamically defined
      (17:20:28) ozizka-FN: Do you agree with renaming Implicit to Derived or Inferred? I admit that Implicit was a bad name
      (17:20:42) ozizka-FN: We should before it's late (users have rules using it)
      (17:23:05) mbriskar: jsightler, in case of method invocation on interface, is declaring class the interface or the implementation that is called in that particular time?
      (17:23:43) mbriskar: just in case you know
      (17:24:06) jsightler: mbriskar: idk
      (17:24:52) mbriskar: jsightler, in some cases it would be not easy to get the implementation being called, so probably interface
      (17:25:08) jsightler: yeah
      (17:25:26) mbriskar: and it could differ
      (17:25:46) jsightler: Maybe it depends on how the class was instantiated or called?
      (17:26:15) mbriskar: jsightler, maybe. But in some cases you just can have multiple different interface implementations, you just can't pick one
      (17:26:30) LincolnThree: ozizka: maybe "None" or "Calculated" or "Dependent"
      (17:26:57) jsightler: lincolnthree: Yeah, dependent makes sense.
      (17:27:31) ozizka-FN: Calculated is god
      (17:27:32) ozizka-FN: good
      (17:28:05) ozizka-FN: Dependent, perhaps - but as non-native speaker, that is a bit confusing
      (17:28:08) LincolnThree: I prefer Dependent between the two
      (17:28:23) LincolnThree: Calculated implies something that we don't currently do.
      (17:28:38) LincolnThree: Calculated implies taht you can still ask "Hey! What phase are you?" And it would say "Migration Rules"
      (17:28:58) LincolnThree: But right now we can't make that calculation.
      (17:29:07) ozizka-FN: Hmm got you
      (17:29:12) jsightler: right
      (17:30:03) ozizka-FN: And Inferred?
      (17:30:25) ozizka-FN: Because dependent will be confused with dependencies
      (17:30:48) ozizka-FN: And since we banned the word "dependency" for rules ordering...
      (17:31:08) ozizka-FN: Or it could be simply "None"
      (17:31:19) ozizka-FN: ok, striking that
      (17:31:33) ozizka-FN: doesn't sound good... NonePhase
      (17:31:51) jsightler: ozizka: Dependent implies that it depends on the before and after dependencies. Which is accurate.
      (17:32:13) jsightler: inferred is almost the same as implicit, I don't really see the advantage
      (17:32:42) ozizka-FN: Implicit means (at least as I understand that word) that that's the phase that will be set if not stated explicitely.
      (17:32:48) ozizka-FN: Which it is not.
      (17:33:15) ozizka-FN: But okay - if you both feel Dependent is best,
      (17:33:20) ozizka-FN: still better than Implicit
      (17:33:27) jsightler: implicit = "implied though not plainly expressed."
      (17:33:40) jsightler: infer = "deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements."
      (17:33:50) jsightler: these are almost synonyms
      (17:35:50) ozizka-FN: Implicit != default ?
      (17:36:04) ozizka-FN: inferred != computed?

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