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Developing a Ruleset for the Migration of a Springboot application to Openshift


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    • Using RHAMT for the Migration of a Springboot application to Openshift
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      JIRA https://issues.jboss.org/browse/WINDUP-1831 was raised for the initial analysis to investigate the work required to migrate a Springboot application to Openshift.

      The objective being able to develop a set of rules that identify type of changes required, quantitify the effort required with links to the appropriate reference materials.

      One of the key things to decide is the work breakdown structure (WBS). As consequence of that initial analysis work we have decided that the WBS should be a reflection of the technical architecture of a Springboot microservices application with a Task for each 'pattern' (e.g. Service Discovery (e.g. Eureka), Service Routing (e.g. Zuul), Client Side Load balancing (e.g. Netflix Ribbon), etc. Refer to the attachment.

      Each Task can be further broken down into Sub-tasks, analysis, estimation, POC, etc., if required.

      An example springboot (brewery) application which has already been manually re-engineered for Openshift would be a good vehicle for proving the the Rules. The brewery app won't necessarily comprise of all of the Spring Cloud patterns in the attached diagram, so precedence with be given to the Tasks (patterns) that are in the Brewery app.

      More infomation is in the https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wOZyGBTNixDzh49fZRWgYqz_JkZMIwyCgbpQTT5wT_w

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