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Update kube-proxy submodule to sdn-4.13-kubernetes-1.26.0


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    • WMCO 8.0.0
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    • OCPSTRAT-31 - Upgrade to Kubernetes 1.26
    • WINC - Sprint 232

      User or Developer story

      As a WMCO developer, I want the kube-proxy submodule to be pointing to the sdn-4.13-kubernetes-1.26.0 on the openshift/kuberenetes repository so we can pickup the latest kube rebase updates.

      Engineering Details

      • Update the submodules using hack/submodule.sh script

      Acceptance Criteria

      • WMCO submodule for kube-proxy should pickup the latest updates for 1.26 rebase.
      • Replace deprecated klog flags like --log-dir and --logstostderr in kube-proxy service command with kube-log-runner options.
      • Update must-gather log collection script

            rh-ee-mankulka Mansi Kulkarni
            rh-ee-mankulka Mansi Kulkarni
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