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Generalize test steps for new upgrade approach in release repo


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      Developer story

      As a developer, I want the definition of the steps for the new upgrade approach in a single place so that it can be re-used and easy to maintain. 


      The steps for the new upgrade approach are defined within the job definition which makes them hard to re-use and foster code duplication in the release repo.



      Nice to have


      Engineering Details

      Create a new upgrade chain in the `windows-e2e-operator-test` step registry path with one step for each stage of the new upgrade workflow. that is:

      • install
      • setup
      • upgrade
      • test

      so that the step can be referenced from the job definition as:

          - ref: windows-e2e-operator-test-upgrade-install
          - ref: windows-e2e-operator-test-upgrade-setup
          - ref: windows-e2e-operator-test-upgrade-upgrade
          - ref: windows-e2e-operator-test-upgrade-test


      Supporting information:

      PR comments: https://github.com/openshift/release/pull/45161#discussion_r1380429877

      Slack conv: https://redhat-internal.slack.com/archives/CM4ERHBJS/p1698955575588369?thread_ts=1697482639.643899&cid=CM4ERHBJS

      Acceptance Criteria

      • current jobs using the new upgrade workflow passed
      • the proposed  `windows-e2e-operator-test`  chain supports external invocations outside of WMCO repo, e.g. from OVN kubernetes 

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