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Update WMCO bundle to pass CVP Operator Infrastructure Feature Test


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      Dear CVP Stakeholders,  

      We would like to announce a new test in our Operator Bundle Image Validation pipeline: Operator Infrastructure Feature Test.

      What this test does:
       * Parses the value of 'features.operators.openshift.io/*' annotations in the operator CSV file
       * Checks whether the values are set to string "true" or "false"

      A list of infrastructure-related annotations:

      The test will pass with SUCCESS if:
       * All infrastructure feature annotations are present in the operator CSV file
       * All infrastructure feature annotations are set to string "true" or "false"

      The test will pass with a non-gating SUCCESS_WITH_WARNINGS otherwise.

      Gating of CVP check for bundles failing the test.
      There will be a grace period of at least a quarter before this check will be turned into a gating requirement for product teams. Per current estimate, a new version of the OperatorSDK supporting the new infrastructure feature annotations is expected to come out in the later part of CY23 Q3. We want product teams to use all of CY23 Q4 to update their bundles. The CVP check is expected to become gating in CY24 Q1.

      If you have any questions please reach out to us here on the CVP channel.

      The CVP team


      Reference: https://docs.engineering.redhat.com/display/CFC/Best_Practices#Best_Practices-(New)RequiredInfrastructureAnnotations

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