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Error during transaction manager commit of non-XA resource does not provokes exception being thrown


      In case that an exception is thrown during one-phase commit of non-XA transaction participant the error is swallowed and not returned to the caller

      This can happend for example when transaction manager calls commit to the e.g. database resource and connection crash happens. Then jdbc driver returns XAException with error code like XAER_RMFAIL. This fact is not reflected by exception being thrown to the caller (e.g. EJB bean).

      This causes to the fact that user think the work was committed (e.g. INSERT to database) but in fact connection failure happened and nothing was done.

      The fix is part of the Narayana at issue https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBTM-2983 and it should be released with Narayana 5.7.3.Final

            ochaloup@redhat.com Ondrej Chaloupka (Inactive)
            ochaloup@redhat.com Ondrej Chaloupka (Inactive)
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