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Missing transformers for iona in jacorb subsystem (JacORB to IIOP-OpenJDK :migrate operation)


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      Server not staring after succesful migration operation. This issue happens when interoperability IONA on subsystem JacORB is turned on. Tthis functionality was added to IIOP-OpenJDK(see JBEAP-12912) In the latest build(7.1.0.CR3).

      When IONA is turned on, configuration file contains setting

      <interop iona="on">

      During migration from JacORB to IIOP-OpenJDK using /subsystem=jacorb:migrate this setting is also migrated:

      <interop iona="on">.

      However, the IIOP-OpenJDK cannot parse this setting because it accepts boolean.

      <interop iona="true">

      Due to this, server cannot parse the configuration and fails to boot.

      The issue is caused by missing transformer for iona. The issue is a regression agains previous releases.

            pkremens@redhat.com Petr Kremensky (Inactive)
            pkremens@redhat.com Petr Kremensky (Inactive)
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