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Random deploy error with @Startup @Singleton EJB


    • Steps to Reproduce:
      • Use provided app
      • Deploy to Wildfly 11 CR1
      • If success, deploy again and so on until it fails (should not be more than 5 or 6 times)
    • Release Notes Text:
      Packaging error.


      Simple EAR project with an EJB Module and a WAR Module. War uses Vaadin (think is not relevant but mention it anyway). On the EJB Module I have a @Singleton @Startup bean which has injected a@LocalBean @Stateless bean via @Inject annotation (tested with @EJB annotation with same results). The UI on the WAR side also calls this @LocalBean @Stateless bean. Randomly, when I deploy, redeploy or restart the server, the EAR refuses to deploy do java.lang.IllegalStateException because it cannot inject the @Stateless bean inside the @Startup bean.

      Attached sample app, project, log with error and log with success.

      If you check the success log, you will see the @Startup @Singleton bean gets instanciated twice.. Quite strange.

      Also, this didnt happened with Wildfly 9 (same app deployed perfectly)

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