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Add stop/start/restart operation to listeners.



      We are looking at migrating from Norton security certificates to LetsEncrypt, which gives out free SSL certificates, but they expire in 90 days...

      This presents a problem to us. We don't want to have to redeploy the site every 90 days, we want it to contiguously run, and like we're doing with the EAR, we just want to call /redeploy on it, and have it continue operating.
      However, we haven't found a way to reset the HTTP sockets like we can with the EAR. I found this feature request: WFLY-4321 restart of http connector without restarting whole web container - JBoss Issue Tracker
      In it, the developer on the last page recommends to run this command:


      /subsystem=undertow/server=default-server/https-listener=https:add(socket-binding=https, security-realm="UndertowRealm", socket-binding="https")

      Removing and re-adding the listener requires a full restart of the Wildfly server. This is just as bad as taking down the server. It would be helpful for consistency to have a stop, stop and restart command attached to listeners as there already exists for deployments.

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